Sunanda Sen
Aspects of Indo-British Economic Relations:1858-1898 by A K Banerji Oxford University Press, Bombay, 1982, 255 pp., 120
Nov-Dec 1982, volume 7, No 3

The book under review is a companion volume to A.K. Banerji’s earlier study on India’s Balance of Payments 1921-22 to 1938-39 (1963). The hindsight enjoyed by the author has enabled him to attempt the construction of a continuous time-series of India’s balance of payments relating to almost the entire period of British rule in India. Data provided in the two volumes for periods respec¬tively covering 1858-98 and 1921-39, has been supplemen¬ted by Y.S. Pandit’s statis¬tics for 1870-1914, thus leaving a gap of a very short period between 1915 and 1920 in the time series collated by the author. The attempt will certainly remove a serious lacuna in the literature avail¬able on the subject.

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