Myriad Hues
Jaskiran Chopra
THE MAD TIBETAN: STORIES FROM THEN AND NOW by Deepti Naval Amaryllis, New Delhi, 2012, 159 pp., 395
May 2012, volume 36, No 5

Reading the short stories by Deepti Naval can be quite an exhilarating experience. In each story, one can feel the aesthethic sensibility that has helped her emerge as a multi-faceted artistic personality who can interpret and use each medium of expression to her advantage, be it acting, painting, photography or writing.

There is a new world that opens up to the reader in every tale and at times, it becomes difficult for us to disengage ourselves and step out of that world. Long after the story is over, its landscape and characters stay in our mind and sometimes take on a life of their own.

Sincerity, simplicity and sensitivity are the three most dominant strands that run through Deepti’s flowing narration.From the intense sadness and poignance of a fading life in ‘ The Piano Tuner’ to the agony of a tragic childhood in ‘Sisters’; from the dark scenario of ‘Premonition’ to the nightmarish reality of ‘Thulli’, the author deftly weaves her stories, creating feelings including those of pity, joy, fear, sympathy, terror, admiration, hope and affection in our hearts.

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