Money for Everyman
S. Jagannathan
MONEY: WHENCE IT CAME, WHERE IT WENT by John Kenneth Galbraith Indian Book Company, 1977, 375 pp., 60.00
Sept-Oct 1977, volume 2, No 5

Professor Galbraith’s fuller title for his book is reminiscent of the thoughts of Fitzgerald/Omar on the mystery of life but Galbraith briskly sets about his declared objective (‘Much discussion of money involves a heavy outlay of priest­ly incantation.’) of dispelling all mystery about money in his book which is lucidly written and eminently readable. One however gets the feeling that there are two books in one. The first, conceptually speaking, as the introduction reveals, is on the current-day problems of economic management and monetary stabilization, contained mainly in the last several chap­ters; to this is tagged the history of 2500 years of money spread over fifteen chap­ters.

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