Rachna Puri Dhir
WHAT SHALL I MAKE? by Nandini Nayar, Illustrations by Proiti Roy Tulika Publishers, 2007, 20 pp., 70
November 2007, volume 31, No 11

Nandini Nayar, whose earlier book for children, Pranav’s Picture, dealt with a child’s imaginary drawings, uses a different  medium of expression used by children all over the world this time around, namely dough. While in the West, play dough or plasticine (as it used to be called in India some generations ago) is the chosen material for children to make shapes and get their tactile senses fine tuned, in India, our children are blessed to be able to use chapati dough to play with as well as eat after it is cooked. The book is illustrated by Shantiniketan trained Proiti Roy who beautifully brings to life not just the child but also the creations he comes up with, page after page.

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