Metaverse: Demystifying a New Concept
Vargab Bakshi
NAVIGATING THE METAVERSE: A GUIDE TO LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES IN A WEB 3.0 WORLD by Cathy Hackl John Wiley & Sons, 2022, 272 pp., ₹ 2325.00
April 2023, volume 47, No 4

Seldom do you find books that handhold you from demystifying a new concept to integrating it in your everyday life. The authors of Navigating the Metaverse have done a stellar job in simplifying metaverse terms, new economic opportunities and how we are evolving into the next generation of the web. The book provides a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the rapidly expanding world of the metaverse, including its key components, the various  technologies that are enabling its development, and the ways in which they are being used to create new forms of social interaction and commerce.

The book is divided into three main parts. In the first part, the authors provide an overview of the metaverse and its key elements, including blockchain, NFTs, smart contracts, VR/AR, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and the various platforms and applications that are already in use today. No individual company can accurately claim to be ‘the metaverse’, just as Google cannot claim to be ‘the internet’.

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