Meditations On The Past And The Present
Sucharita Sengupta
FINAL CUT by Saleem Peeradina Valley Press, 2017, 66 pp., 1399
April 2017, volume 41, No 4

If you are looking for poetry that is as razor sharp as it is dreamy, as real as it is bound to imagination, then Saleem Peeradina’s Final Cut is for you. Decidedly urbane, Peeradina’s contemplations force the reader to pay attention to what has been in front of them all along, and yet has been taken for granted.

He begins with striking the right note between flights of imagination and reality checks.
There is a third alternative. Place this sheet at one end
of a panoramic screen and proceed to jump off the brink of our universe
into neighbouring galaxies spiralling outward, endlessly. Shrunk, relegated
to a corner, our universe is virtually erased, leaving us adrift.
Here. far beyond imagination’s reach, infinity unravels leaving us
speechless. But seeking solace in myths will get us nowhere.

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