Insider/Outsider Conundrum in New Perspectives
Parvin Sultana
BLOSSOMS IN THE GRAVEYARD (Kabor Aru Phool) by Mitra Phukan Niyogi Books, 2016, 192 pp., 295.00
August 2021, volume 45, No 8

Blossoms in the Graveyard by Jnanpeeth Awardee Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya is set around the Bangladesh War of Liberation of 1971. While books in Assamese have dealt with the question of migration of people from across erstwhile East Bengal (before Partition) and East Pakistan (after Partition), very few literary works have dealt with the war of liberation of this neighbouring country in which India played a very crucial role.

Rupaborir Polosh by Syed Abdul Malik, Ismail Sheikhok Bisari (In Search of Ismail Sheikh)—a short story by Homen Borgohain, Rupali Balir Xopon by Kashema Khatun and Kahibunor Malita by Rudranee Sharma are some of the few noted works that deal with Muslims of East Bengal origin who have entered Assam at different points of history. While these works look at migration of people since the colonial times and also situate them in the current context, they don’t focus much on the 1971 war which accelerated this movement as they fled their war-torn country.

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