Home-spun Tales
SUPER BRAT AND OTHER STORIES by Geeta Dharmarajan Affiliated East-West Press, 1989, 112 pp., 30.00
Sept-Oct 1989, volume 13, No 5

Super Brat and Other Stories is a delight­ful collection of stories reminiscent of R.K. Narayan and Swami.

The reader enters the warm and familiar world of the South Indian home, awash with the wafting smells of sambar, the gentle sounds of the Veena, the incense of the pooja room and the com­forting presence of Amma. It is a safe and secure world, from where it is easy to cope with the problems of school, sibling insecurities and the world turning modern just outside the door. Even the dentist seems less sinister and ambitions more attainable as they spring out of the TV screen in the form of a film director, the Prime Minister, the President of the Dentists Association, a Carnatic Musician and the producer of a 13-part TV serial

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