Gauri Sharma
Gauri Sharma
MANCH KA DAR (STAGE FRIGHT) by Yamini Vijayan Pratham books, 2019, 16 pp., 45
November 2019, volume 43, No 11

By Yamini Vijayan. Translated from English into Hindi by Deepa Tripathi. Illustrations by Somesh Kumar

Pratham books, 2019., pp. 16 , R 45.00


By Veena Kapoor. Translated from English into Hindi by Swagata Sen Pillai.Illustrations by Priya Meenakshi

Pratham books, 2017, pp. 20, R 40.00


By Nabanita Deshmukh. Illustrations by Phidi Pulu

Pratham books, 2014., pp. 16, R 45.00

Level 3 Books

Level 3 books are an inquisitive mind’s delight with engaging tales of discovery which teaches one and all to appreciate the little wonders of life. These thought-provoking books make a simple blend of events for the tender feet to look at things in a different light. They are just the right kind of fuel for a child’s level of curiosity with effervescent pictorial depictions of stories for a fun learning process. From soup to nuts, interesting stories promote the inculcation of a compassionate vision towards progressive reflection.

There is much to imbibe from Champa and her passion for singing in the most mundane situations in life. This book revolves around Champa’s personal victory in achieving self-confidence by defeating her fear of stage fright. The Hindi- translation, Manch ka Dar, describes her ability to find joy and burst into musical ecstasy at any given point in time. This observant giddy-kipper leaves no stone unturned to start singing praises of Nature and its mysterious ways of existence. But the only obstacle in the way is her perpetual anxiety at the thought of displaying her talent in front of a live audience. Finally, her best friend encourages her to grow through her tongue-tied situation by performing at the annual function. Just like this story, everyone deserves a best friend to grab one’s hand from the mirage of insecurities only to soar higher.

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