Ranjan is very weak in maths and fails to clear the examinations for two consecutive years. He gets rebukes from his father and punishment from teachers, because of which he develops a hatred for school.

Ranjan belongs to a well to do family of farmers. His father wants his children to take up professions like doctor, lawyer, judge or magistrate. His two elder brothers are regular in their studies but Ranjan is not interested in joining school again. His father is furious but his mother is sympathetic and takes charge of him. She teaches him cooking. He gradually becomes an expert cook. As luck would have it, he gets a chance to work in San Francisco. He ultimately settles down there with a regular job in a restaurant.

The book mostly narrates his journey from Laxmikantpur in Bengal to San Francisco. Without any knowledge of the English language he is left to fend for himself. Detailed descriptions of the air journey like boarding the plane, fastening of seat belt, meals served to passengers etc, give a glimpse of air travel to children, who may not have on opportunity to travel by air .

The illustrations by Proity Roy are eye catching and will interest the children. Bengali words, mostly proper nouns, that are used have been listed with Hindi equivalents in the final pages.

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