From TBR Archives Nehru For The Young
Jag Mohan
NEHRU: AN ANTHOLOGY FOR YOUNG READERS by P.L. Malhotra National Council for Educational Research, 2017, 279 pp., 30
September 2017, volume 41, No 9

For the first time ever in a decade and more, the NCERT, the apex body advising the Government of India on educational matters, has woken up from its hibernation and brought out a book that is something worthwhile possessing or presenting to the younger generation. For here is a beautiful book to behold, to feel and to read. Ever since Dr. Malhotra migrated from the Vocational Education setĀ­up to NCERT, there has been a noticeable sea-change. This book is true evidence.

For, between the covers can be found the authentic voice of Jawaharlal Nehru, who built up the modern India of our times through his vision of many decades, his writings and ardous work. In this book, the youngsters of the present and future generations can find immense, inspirational material that can qualitatively change their lives. Great care and discrimination have been exercised in selecting the passage from the extensive writings of Nehru that can suit the present and future generations.

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