Expounding Practical Implications
Kabir Dixit
OVERLAPPING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS by Neil Wilkof Oxford University Press, 2014, 536 pp., 1995
May 2014, volume 38, No 5

The book under review examines intel- lectual property overlaps in the legal contexts of the UK, the US and, where necessary, the EU. The editors have brought together a formidable scale of collective experience and expertise ‘from those primarily engaged in academic scholarship to those who combine scholarly publishing with practice of intellectual property.’

The book comprises 17 chapters, each of which covers a separate and distinct pair of intellectual property rights. Chapters 1 to 6 form one cluster where ‘patents’ are coupled with other rights (copyright, design rights, trade secrets, plant variety protection, utility models, data exclusivity). The next four focus on ‘copyright’ coupled with other rights (trademarks, design rights, database, and economic copyright and moral rights). Similarly, chapters 11 to 14 focus on trademarks (registered and unregistered and coupled with designs, geographical indicators, and domain names). Pairs of non-traditional forms of intellectual property are clustered under trademarks and unfair competition, right of publicity/ privacy and trademarks and IPR and competition/ antitrust.

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