Dialects of Unity
MYTHOLOGY OF GREECE AND JAPAN: ARCHETYPAL SIMILARITIES by George A. Sioris Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, 1988, 141 pp., 100
Sept-Oct 1988, volume 12, No 5

It is sixteen years ago that I had the opportunity to be introduced to George Siori’s interest in the comparative study of Japanese and Greek Mythology, when he presented his paper, ‘Two Characteristic Similarities in Japanese and Greek Mythology, Amaterasu and the Cave, Persepone and the Underworld—Demeter’ at the International Conference on Japanese Studies held in Kyoto, Japan in November 1972. (This was later published in Studies on Japanese Culture, Volume II by the Japan P.E.N. Club, Tokyo.) I am delighted to note that Sioris has continued his quest in this interesting study with a comparative approach and has presented us with a book which covers various themes in Greek and Japanese mythology, e.g., the Beginnings, Love and the Nether World, Rituals etc. Sioris himself has stated that he has made an attempt to make the slow ascent on the long and winding road leading to the knowledge of Asia through the familiarization with Japan’s Gods.

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