Concerns Beyond Targets
by A. Banerjee , , pp.,
October 2006, volume 30, No 10

Reproductive and Child Health Programme was seen as a radical departure from the ‘target oriented’ family planning programme after the ICPD conference in Cairo. This programme was seen to be a more comprehensive approach that included sexual and reproductive health concerns. The book under review draws together articles that have examined various aspects that are included under the rubric of RCH viz. contraceptive use, maternal health and progressing related care, abortion, reproductive tract injections and STIs; young people’s sexual and reproductive health; infertility and domestic violence. Based on an analysis of available data and published studies these articles examine the status of the various aspects of the programme. Despite the political and financial backing to the programme there are a number of gaps that are discernible. K.G. Santhya’s article clearly shows that there is a huge unmet need as far as contraceptive use is concerned which is largely due to limited access, availability and of quality general health services. Jejeebhoy and Varkey’s article highlights the trends in maternal mortality, the regional variations it presents and the differential access to health services.

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