Concerning Access, Equity, Excellence
Toolika Wadhwa
Concerning Access, Equity, Excellence by V.R. Yeravdekar and G. Tiwari INTERNATIONALISATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN INDIA, 2017, 332 pp., 895
January 2017, volume 41, No 7-8

Yeravedekar and Tiwari have presented an insightful argument towards the need for strengthening the internationalization of higher education in India. Their rich experience as scholars as well as administrators in India and abroad has contributed to the development of meaningful insights in locating education in India within the context of neighbouring countries and the world at large.

The book comes at the appropriate time, when higher education in India is witnessing major changes. Recent times have been marked with changes in curriculum, and an increasing impetus to research and development activities at the university level. Increasing emphasis has been placed on quality of higher education in India as it compares to the rest of the world. Flanked with grading and rating mechanisms, universities have been working towards ensuring standards of education that provide graduating students with opportunities to work at par with the best minds in the world. It is in this context that the book discusses concerns of ‘access, equity, and excellence’ that have been raised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

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