Brief and Useful
GROWING SUGARCANE IN DIFFERENT STATES IN INDIA by P.S. Mathur Directorate of Sugarcane Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, 1980, 95 pp., price not stated
Nov-Dec 1980, volume 5, No 11/12

There is a common belief that books published by government departments are not worthy of serious evaluation because of the lackadaisical treatment they generally receive from their publi­shers. But exceptions are there and this book under review happens to be one.P.S. Mathur. a former Director in the Directorate of Sugarcane Development, and Chatur Behari, Assistant Editor of the Sugar Crops Journal of the same department, have compiled in the book Growing Sugarcane in Different States in India, briefly, the improved practices for sugarcane cultivation under varying conditions, climatic and others, in different regions in India. The book is intended to provide sugarcane cultiva­tors with information regarding various­ practices that some may be employing and their counterparts in other regions may not even be aware of.

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