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Syed Umar
LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS by Syed Umar Hachette India, 2018, 424 pp., 550
November 2018, volume 42, No 11

I think the Limca Book of Records is a book that records almost everything a human can ever think of and even things we cannot think of. Some of the records in my opinion describe the awesome, informative and crazy things people do. These include records such as spinning three basketballs at the same time; first woman air marshal; most marshmallows eaten—you choose which is awesome, crazy and informative.

The Limca Book of Records is a diverse book which teaches us to explore our abilities to the fullest. Read it, and you may find an ability you are very good atalthough you might have thought that it was a waste of time before you read the book.

This book is almost like an encyclopediathe only difference is that there are no questions, answers or facts. No, just joking. I feel that this is a book which inspires us to do what we want to do without feeling ashamed because many of the records are done by people who aren’t used to living a comfortable life. If you do live a comfortable life (and I am pretty sure that many who have bought this book are), you have to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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