Articulating Relations
Manjeet Baruah
SOCIAL SCIENTIST IN SOUTH ASIA: PERSONAL NARRATIVES, SOCIAL FORCES AND NEGOTIATIONS by Achla Pritam Tandon, Gopi Devdutt Tripathy and Rashi Bhargava Routledge, 2021, 274 pp., $160.00
January 2022, volume 46, No 1

Social Scientist in South Asia: Personal Narratives, Social Forces and Negotiations is an important recent publication from Routledge. Along with an Introduction, the book comprises a collection of nineteen essays, divided into two parts. Part I, themed ‘Engagement with Disciplinary Prisms: Expanding Horizons’ has essays by Imrana Qadeer, Ghazala Jamil, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Savyasaachi, Maitrayee Choudhury, SS Sivakumar, Gargi Chakravarty, N Sukumar and Sukrita Paul Kumar. Part II, themed ‘Reflections on Disciplinary Practices: Pedagogy and Research’ has essays by Chandan Kumar Sarma, Manosh Chowdhury, Mohammad Talib, Nirmal Kumar, Kavita A Sharma, Nirmal Kirmani, Shonaleeka Kaul and Vinay Kumar Srivastava. The Introduction to the book by the editors provides a detailed outline of the objectives and rationale of the book, namely, if social scientist and social science are intricately bound, then how does one socially and historically locate knowledge production.

As an edited volume, the book brings together an impressive range of social scientists across generations and areas of South Asia, discussing the inter-relationships between their personal lives, professional explorations and knowledge practices.

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