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ZARATHUSTRA: THE LAUGHING PROPHET ZARATHUSTRA: A GOD THAT CAN DANCE by Both by Bhagwan Rajneesh Rebel Publishing House, Koln, West Germany, 1988, 548 pp., 547
Sept-Oct 1988, volume 12, No 5

It has been well and truly said: Bhagwan Rajneesh is his worst enemy. He is the agent provocateur of the first order. It is not that he is out to provoke people for the sake of provoking them, though, one suspects that he does, too, for effect. Plainly, the man believes in what he says. And there lies the difficulty of all those who want to take him seriously. He seems to say: ‘Don’t take me too seriously. I am enjoying myself watching your discomfiture.’

Now that is not the best way to catch attention and to convey a message,, if indeed, the Bhagwan has a message. He claims that he has one. We must take him at his word. If he had no message to give in over one thousand pages, it would be wasted effort. At one stage he says he is a disillusioned man that the masses, will not listen to him and that what he has to say is for his few ‘people’—the Rajneesh is, no doubt. And he spoke to his ‘people’ in a series of talks given at the Rajneesh International University of Mysticism from 26 March. 1987 to 19 April 1987.

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