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NUDE BEFORE GOD by Shiv K. Kumar Penguin India, New Delhi, 1988, 144 pp., 50.00
Sept-Oct 1988, volume 12, No 5

It is intriguing as to why Penguins chose this book for inclusion for the first lot of six books with which they started their operations in this part of the globe last year.

First, this book was originally published by Vanguard Press Inc., in New York five years ago. This particular publisher is one of the many book-publishing (packaging) racketeers in New York. This outfit for purely mercenary considerations lends its NY. imprint and address, brings out a neat, limited edition of a book by any unknown writer (of course, with some merit) and hands over the copies. Some reviews are even arranged. Authors from the Third World—and quite a few from India—have thus got the NY imprint and launched their literary careers. Two years later, Sterling Publishers brought out possibly a hardcover edition. And now, Penguins have brought out the paperback. Why?

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