A Critical Appraisal
C Matthew Joseph
The Impact Of The Afghan-Soviet War On Pakistan by Imrana Begum Oxford University Press, Karachi, 2018, 334 pp., 1375
April 2018, volume 42, No 4

Over the years, the different aspects of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan and its fallout on Pakistan and the wider world have been discussed threadbare. Yet, books are being written on it and the book under review is one among such books published in 2017. As the title of the book indicates, the author of this book Imrana Begum discusses the various dimensions of the intervention of the erstwhile Soviet Union in Afghanistan and its multiple impacts on Pakistan. This book covers not just the period of Soviet presence in Afghanistan but also its legacy which is continuing even now in many ways.

The book is divided into seven chapters excluding introduction and conclusion. The chapters are organized in such a manner that even a lay person interested in the subject would be able to gather a lot of information about it. For an expert in the field this book would provide many new insights and interconnections between different events in the course of the Soviet interference in Afghanistan.

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