by Geeta Dharmarajan , , pp.,
November 2006, volume 30, No 11

Ghost Stories is a book which tells stories with a touch of mystery and suspense.  ‘The Lady of the House’ is about a young ayah, called Malina, who comes to work in the house of Ginnima.  Ginnima is an old lady, who has been trapped in her bed for 55 years, because she is overweight.  When she first meets the old lady, something about Ginnima’s eyes scares Malina, because she feels like she is being trapped.This is a scary story. ‘The Blue Light’ is about a man, who searches for the perfect house to live in.  He thinks he has found it and moves in.  The postman tells him that the house is haunted by Bhargavi, a women who threw herself into a well because of unrequited love.Is he afraid?Read on to find out if the house is haunted.

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