Neera Jain
PEANUT HAS A PLAN by Yashodhara Lal Duckbill Books, 2017, 66 pp., 150
November 2017, volume 41, No 11

It is a cute little book that brings back memories of how one’s brain worked overtime during long summer vacations. Young readers will identify with a little girl called Peanut who wants to come up with a foolproof idea to make some money in the holidays. Three children, Peanut, Pickles and Papad, have a lot of time to themselves as school is off and their mother goes to work. She has told them not to spend all their time watching television and instead do something ‘responsible’. The first idea that Peanut comes up with is to make greeting cards and sell them. She manages to sell some to her family members but that is about all so she has to come up with a new idea. Then she decides to make and sell pizza slices but the customers are her aunts and cousins and Peanut’s mother doesn’t like the idea of selling food to family. Now Peanut has to come up with another idea. Is she able to do so?

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