Kamala Menon
BULA COMES TO MONTREAL by Premola Ghose FACET DESIGN, 2017, 52 pp., price not stated
November 2017, volume 41, No 11

Bula Comes to Montreal was created as it celebrates the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal founded on 17 May 2017. Kala Bharati, a nongovernmental organization is a centre for Indian culture, dance and music in Montreal. This child friendly Bharata Natyam repertoire has a book on learning dance called Shishu Sadhana, the cover of which was designed by Premola Ghose. Bula Comes to Montreal is a story of Bula, a dancing bear and his friends, dedicated for this celebration and is authored and illustrated by Premola Ghose. It is designed by Michel Laverdiere. This 52 page book is a delight both visually and a treat to read for both children and adults. Premola Ghose loves to draw and illustrate her books which tell historical facts with mirth and colour keeping the detail and facts in place. The animals who tell the tale came from the forests of Ranthambore and began to live city lives, absorbing the city life they saw and relating it to their own innate qualities of compassion, kindness and humour.

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