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S.S. Raghavachar
FUNDAMENTALS OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY by P. Nagaraja Rao Indian Book Company, 1977, 195 pp., 40.00
Sept-Oct 1977, volume 2, No 5

Dr. Nagaraja Rao is well-known to the reading public in Indian philosophy by his numerous learned as well as popular articles, reviews, books and lectures. The present work offers a consolidated presentation of the pano­rama of Indian philosophy starting from the Upanishads and culminating in J. Krishna Murthy, traversing through the several great systems in-between. As could be expected, it is readable and pithy. It is eminently valuable for a beginner. The learned writer labours under the handicap of having some celebrated predecessors in the field such as Hiriyanna, Datta and Chatterjee, Sweitzer and Swami Prabhavananda. It is difficult to be outstanding in this context but Rao has contrived to pro­duce a handy and impressive volume.

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