Vishesh Unni Raghunathan
WONDER by R.J. Palacio Corgi, 2014, 407 pp., 400
November 2014, volume 38, No 11

‘My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.’ A usual middle school life has fights, punches, suspensions, bullying, name-calling, dating, pranks—but when August Pullman a boy who loves ice cream and plays Xbox like any other kid goes to school, we see the true colours of children. Some immediately take to helping him, while others are repulsed and bully him.

August is an endearing character, you would want to hug him straight away. It is difficult for a child to put up with the sort of reactions he has to deal with—yet he puts on a brave face and takes on the world. Middle school can be a task for any child, but August learns to deal with bullies and nasty pranks.

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