Winston Churchill: Contextualizing Debates about His Life and Legacy
Ramu Damodaran
THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO WINSTON CHURCHILL by Allen Packwood Cambridge University Press, 2023, 440 pp., $ 29.99
June 2023, volume 47, No 6

Companionship’ can be a limp word; it lacks the intimacy of friendship or the instrumentality of a working relationship. And yet, it serves the title of this volume well, claiming to be neither definitive nor comprehensive, an almost leisurely exploration of the subject, his facets and foibles, his many individualisms and his many more many inconsistencies. Each of the contributors appears to have been given free license to determine their particular focus and the length of their exploration; that this is still stellar scholarship is attested to in fulsome footnotes, that none of the authors duplicate another is testament to editorial dexterity and, I dare say, good humour.

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