When Life Loses its Meaning
Anindya Das
SUICIDAL BEHAVIOUR: ASSESSMENT OF PEOPLE-AT-RISK by Updesh Kumar Sage, 2011, 378 pp., 795
June 2011, volume 35, No 6

Suicide a perplexing yet important health hazard and social problem has drawn vast interest from medical psychological and sociological spheres for a long time. In this context the edited volume under review attempts a comprehensive overview and is an important contribution to the growing literature on suicide. The editors point out the lack of literature on the psychometric basis of suicidal behaviour. The editors both from the Defence Institute of Psychological Research Defence RD Organization Delhi have long years of research experience in the field of psychology. One of the editors even specializes in the area of research on suicide and personality assessment. Both have authored important books and research papers. The volume includes chapters by researchers from various parts of the world viz. India US UK Italy Hungary Hong Kong Norway Australia and Germany having varied orientation and disciplinary backgrounds.

Divided into two sections the book deals with theoretical issues related to the assessment of suicide and with practical issues on suicide in specific populations. This distinct division as Robert Hogan points out in the foreword to the book allows equal importance to be provided to both prediction and explanation which is particularly important for adequately unravelling the complexity of suicidal behaviour.

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