We Learn and Grow from Our Mistakes
Avipshu Haldar
JUST PLAY! LIFE LESSONS FROM TRADITIONAL INDIAN GAMES by Vinita Sidhartha Rupa Publications, New Delhi, 2022, 169 pp., 295.00
February 2023, volume 47, No 2

The book showcases several traditional games of India—their origin, structure, rules and style of play. In addition, it has extrapolated how these games depict the larger moral values of human life. In this endeavour, the author has sub-divided the book into appropriate sub-themes which enable the reader to grasp its core tenets. By manifesting the triad between humans, nature and the games, the introductory section not only carves out the key objectives which it seeks to serve but also embarks upon its rationale. The games provide guidelines as to how individuals ought to strategize their life which would enhance the prospects of happiness but without contravening the larger ideals of ethics. Despite underlining a competitive engagement among the participants, the games create social bonds among them. Hence, they unknowingly teach players about the values of sportsmanship.

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