Tracing the journey of a Poet as Immigrant
Semeen Ali
IN OUR BEAUTIFUL BONES: POEMS by Zilka Joseph Mayapple Press, 2021, 101 pp., $19.95
June 2022, volume 46, No 6

The sharp edge

of my blue passport

rips the yellow envelope,

nudges my hand.

Dust still sits

in its creases.

It remembers the old country,

knows its days

are numbered,

and like a cat in a cage,

all eyes,

lets itself be taken

to undisclosed destinations.

The idea of migration and the internal/external struggle that a migrant undergoes has been looked at through various lens and forms of writing. Migration can be a forced one or can be construed as a voluntary one forced by economic circumstances or for seeking a better quality of life. Either way the shift is not just in terms of geographical locations but also in the way one has come to perceive the world and one’s surroundings.

…Then a dam of white

light broke, the wall of water

shattering its cargo, and me

inside it like a seed

giving itself up to water

and to wind.

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