Through the Looking-Glass
Srinivasa Rao Adige
TRAVELLERS' INDIA: AN ANTHO¬LOGY by H.K. Kaul Oxford University Press, N. Delhi, 1979, 535 pp., 120.00
THE INVINCIBLE TRAVELLERby Raj Thapar Vikas Publishing House, N. Delhi, 1980, 216 pp., 95.00
Jan-Feb 1980, volume 4, No 1-2

India! Down the ages, travellers of every description, monks and missiona­ries, traders and merchants, poets and novelists; soldiers and administrators, plenipotentiaries and proconsuls have sought to describe something of the beauty and the pity, the squalor and the splen­dour of this country. They have tried to capture on paper its scents and its smells; its grandeur and infinite variety; its endless contradictions; its harsh lights and shadows; its bizarreness, where savage barbarities and cruelties or overwhelming callousness to suffering coexist with extra­ordinary tenderness towards all sentient beings; its crushing poverty; the subtlety of its philosophy, the panoply of its gor­geously caprisoned personalities, all of which makes it the ‘most extraordinary country that the sun visits on its round’ (Mark Twain).

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