The Troubled Ocean
Stephen P. Cohen
THE INDIAN OCEAN: BIG POWER· PRESENCE AND LOCAL RESPONSE by K.R. Singh Manohar, New Delhi, 1977, 321 pp., 60.00
July-August 1978, volume 3, No 1

This extremely well-produced book is­ one of the most thorough and com­prehensive studies yet published on the politics of the Indian Ocean, both in terms of littoral issues and the use of the sea itself.

Although one may disagree with some of Dr. Singh’s arguments about the various powers as they jostle for influence in the area (if one can yet call the Indian Ocean an ‘area’) his book is a valuable aid to further analysis. It is not the last word on the subject, but it should be required reading for serious students.

Of special value are data about the naval strength and strategies of the super­powers, the Ocean’s resources and raw material potential and the interests of various littoral and extra-regional states in these resources. Dr. Singh has combed the published literature, the Indian press, U.N. documents, and the extensive American governmental material for relevant information, and has presented his findings in a cohesive and well-written manner.

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