The Tradition-Modernity Interface
Avipshu Halder
GAMES WE PLAY: SPORTS IN SOUTH ASIA by Ronojoy Sen and Omita Goyal Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2020, 336 pp., 1,395.00
October 2021, volume 45, No 10

The book is an edited volume whose chapters unravel the socio-cultural and socio-economic dynamics of the development of sports in South Asia. However, as states of this region were former colonies of the British Empire, cricket has captured the bulk of the attention in the book. Alongside other genres of team and individual sports, ‘traditional sports’ have been adequately discussed. Interestingly, it has also manifested how sports have figured in myths, memories, fiction and cinema. The section on photo essay depicts virtues of masculinity, grit, and determination as they are essential attributes of sporting success. Moreover, it captures the various moods of agony and ecstasy in sport. The preface and the introductory chapter showcase the core tenets of the book. It elucidates the socio-historical aspect of sport in the context of tradition-modernity interface.

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