Tender Exploration of Love and Loss Rutba Iqbal
Rutba Iqbal
WHAT HAPPENED TO GRANDPA by By Nandini Nayar Puffin Books, 2024, 32 pp., INR 209.00
June 2024, volume 48, No 6

What Happened to Grandpa is a tender story of love and loss. It marries the childish innocence of a small girl to themes of loss while she witnesses her grandfather’s struggle with dementia. As her grandfather gradually loses his memory, the names of objects in the house become blurry to him. So, he reinvents them.
Grandpa loved words.

But what happened to Grandpa was that they slipped away from him.
So, Grandpa made new words for us to use.

These new words are bound to spread a warm smile on your face. The grandfather calls the fridge a ‘cool place’ and my favourite, he calls the spectacles ‘look sees’.

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