Symptom or Cause?
INDIA'S ECONOMIC DEVELOP¬MENT:ASPECTS OF CLASS RELA¬TIONS by Ranjit Sau Orient Longman, New Delhi, 1981, 121 pp., 40.00
Sept-Oct 1981, volume 6, No 2

THIS book is a contribution to the grow¬ing literature of analyses of the Indian economic experience and attempts to explain the deceleration in growth since the mid-1960s. The author proceeds from a self-avowedly Marxist position, and is to be credited with offering theoretical explanations for different economic pro¬cesses, rather than mere descriptions.

It is difficult to summarize the whole of the nature and logic of the Indian eco¬nomy since Independence into a compact book. In this admittedly modest exercise (the text is only 90 pages long) Sau has dealt concisely and often admirably with descriptions of some of the major aspects of the working of the economy. Never¬theless, this brevity has its limitations, which are reflected not only in the manner of presentation but occasionally also, unfortunately, in the logic of the arguments.

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