Sunil Munsi
Population: A Contem¬porary View of European and Indian Experience by Erland L. Hofsten Institute of Economic Growth: Occasional Papers: New Series No. 4, Hindustan Publishing Corporation Delhi, 1982, 87 pp., 35
Sept-Oct 1982, volume 7, No 2

The problems of poverty and development in the Third World have activated neo-Malthusians since the early 1960s into blaming the poor for their poverty and repro¬ductive capacity, notwithstand¬ing the loss of credibility of much of what Robert Malthus propounded in 1798 in his famous Essay on the Principle of Population. Neo-Malthusian enterprise has found expres¬sion in a number of sophisti¬cated models, and has been able to raise a sympathetic echo in the family planning establishments of many Third World governments.

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