Slaying The Demon
Simi Malhotra
PARRICIDE by Bhaskar Ghose HarperCollins, Delhi, 2015, 273 pp., 399
September 2015, volume 39, No 9

Parricide is Bhaskar Ghose’s second novel. His first novel The Teller of Tales was published in 2012. Parricide narrates the story of a young man’s journey from deep seated hatred for his father to his eventual forgiveness and acceptance of him.
The protagonist of the story is Ravi, whose troubled relationship with his abusive father governs his life, career and subsequent relationships. Estranged from his father for five years, Ravi works as a successful copywriter in an advertisement agency in Delhi. One day, he gets summons from home and is told that his father is on his deathbed.

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