Shivnarayan Gour
Shivnarayan Gour
SHABANA AND THE BABY GOAT by Samina Mishra Samina Mishra, 2019, 28 pp., 175
November 2019, volume 43, No 11
Shivnarayan Gour
By Samina Mishra. Illustrations / design by Roshini Pochont
Tulika, 2018, pp. 28, R175.00

It is natural that the children develop a connection with animals around them. Some of the studies have even said that the kids actually love animals more than toys. In the process of emotional development of children, animals play a vital role. Hence, they are often attracted to the books with animals in it and it adds to their fascination when they encounter those, which they get to see daily around them. I have read Shabana and the Baby Goat again and again and even attempted to have a look at it from the point of view of readers it was written for.

This is a story of two best friends; Kajari, a baby goat and Shabana, a four years old girl. Right from the day she was born, Kajari and Shabana have been with each other, growing up together. Often, children develop a close bond with the pets and animals living in around their houses, like cows, dogs, cats, buffalos. We might even find them conversing seriously with the animals as if both the parties can understand what the other says.

The book let’s us peep into the day-to-day activities of a goat. Both of them are just happy being with one another. But these happy days end soon, as Kajari develops a troublesome habit of chewing whatever she comes across; food, pages of books and even Phuphho’s burka. Then everyone is set on mission to stop her.

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