Reflections on Our Times
IMAGES AND INSIGHTS by K.R. Narayanan Allied Publishers Private Ltd., , 332 pp., 150.00
Sept-Oct 1987, volume 11, No 5

Judging by the aplomb with which he goes about his ministerial tasks, Mr K.R. Narayanan appears to be at home in the troubled and troublesome world of pre­sent-day Indian politics. But a closer ex­amination is bound to show that essenti­ally he remains something of an ‘out­sider’, indeed considerably more so than the other two former members of the Indian Foreign Service who too have moved to political pastures. Interestingly, even as a diplomat he was a rather unusual member of the pin-striped tribe. Many considered him to be an academic strayed into the foreign service. And he surely preferred scholarly pursuits to the embassy cocktail circuit.

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