Ramanuja: The Supreme Exemplar of Inclusive Vision
NS Raghavan
RAMANUJAR: THE LIFE AND IDEAS OF RAMANUJA by By Indira Parthasarathy. Translated from the Tamil play by T. Sriraman, with Introduction and Commentary by C.T. Indra Oxford University Press (Revised Edition), Oxford & New York, 2023, pp., INR 795.00
February 2024, volume 48, No 2

Indira Parthasarathy, stalwart Tamil writer, is acknowledged as one of those who have revolutionized modern Tamil drama. Many of his plays have been translated into English and other Indian languages and staged in the Tamil original as well as in translations.  Besides nine full-length and seven one-act plays, he has also authored sixteen novels, six anthologies of short stories, four anthologies of short novels as well as a volume of critical essays.

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