Overawed by RAW
R. Sreekumar
INSIDE RAW: THE STORY OF INDIA’S SECRET SERVICE by Asoka Raina Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 1981, 114 pp., 35.00
Nov-Dec 1980, volume 5, No 11/12

The introductory chapter of this book starts with a comparison—no other intelligence organization has been subject­ed to such tumultous criticism as RAW in such a short span of its existence. Having thus elevated his subject, the author states the purpose: ‘A flood of ‘misinformation’ has poured out to the public … giving a distorted picture.’ So Asoka Raina, who pursued a man-eater in the Garhwal hills and trekked in the Chambal ravines to meet the dacoits, sets out, this time, to inform the public the truth about RAW.

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