Of Displacement And Longing
Malati Mukherji
WHITE CRANE LEND ME YOUR WINGS: A TIBETAN TALE OF LOVE AND WAR by Tsewang Hishey Pemba Niyogi Books, 2017, 468 pp., 495
January 2017, volume 41, No 7-8

white Crane Lend me Your Wings is a heartbreaking story set in the idyl-lic Nyarong Valley of Tibet

in the pre- and post-Chinese occupation years—where people live enchanted lives, with simple needs, simple beliefs and a deep faith that their Gods will never fail them.

Dr. Tsewang Yishey Pemba is Tibet’s first medical practitioner as well as its first writer in English. In this, his third novel, posthumously published, he gives us a glimpse into the intimate lives of the Tibetans, their pride, their generosity, their warmth and hospitality, and most of all, their love for the achingly beautiful Nyarong Valley, the land of the Khampa warriors in the Eastern District of Tibet.

Dr. Pemba showcases the Khampas as ‘men and women of magnificent physique, immense courage and great honor.’ The Khampas, about whom a British political office reportedly said, ‘And as regards physical strengths and hardihood, there are few, if any, finer races in the world than some of the tribes of Eastern Tibet.’

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