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Anuradha Mathur
THE BHOOTBUSTERS OF HIMMATNAGAR by Adithi Rao. Illustrated by Sayan Mukherjee Scholastic, 2020, 144 pp., 250.00
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

Once cheerful and sunny, the village of Himmatnagar has changed in the past month since the mysterious deaths of three of its nativesRam Nayak, Chintamani, and Reddy. The natives of the village seem to have stopped smiling and are always tense; the police seem to have no leads to the cause of the deaths. Welcome to the village of ‘Himmatnagar: Land of the Brave’, formerly known as ‘Phattupur: Village of Cowards’.

Adithi Rao in The Bhootbusters of Himmatnagar brings the village canvas alive—­the trees, the ponds, the local school, the expansive farmlands, and the village cemetery. Illustrated by Sayan Mukherjee,

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