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Nilima Sinha
A LITTLE BOOK OF INDIA: CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE by Ruskin Bond Penguin/Viking, 2022, 104 pp., 299.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

A little book that says it all—from beautiful descriptions of Nature’s bounty, and the history of an ancient nation and its civilization—to memories, old and precious. It is only the talented Ruskin Bond who can do it.

There are no long descriptions, no pages filled with print, yet the little book succeeds in presenting our country in all its beautiful, wonderful, and glorious colours. Its rivers, mountains, plants, fruit, its culture, and history are all described in minimum words, yet bring back vivid pictures of both the past and the present.

As someone who has lived through those historical times and has witnessed the coming of Independence 75 years ago, I well appreciate the author’s retelling of those days.

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