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Mudit Shrivastav
DARE TO LEARN: THE POWER OF AN EDUCATED GIRL by Malala Fund HarperCollins, 2022, 204 pp., 299.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Whenever I imagine about war, images of the aftermath of war come to my mind. Everything is scattered around. I can see only those people and things that have somehow escaped from the bombings. I can see the ominous silence spread out after the heart-rending blasts. I can see the school which has nothing left now. I can see the children who had come to school with dreams in their eyes, with the belief that everything will be alright if they study. I can only imagine what those children may be going through when all they can choose between is going to school or saving their lives.

But this book by Malala Fund carries stories told by children who have gone through just this. By girls who were stopped from going to school, and when they got a chance to study, war and attacks took away that opportunity too.

The book is an important document that tries to tell the world that when in one corner of the world the skies were raining with bombs and missiles, some seeds in another corner of the world were trying their best to flower.

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