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GLOBAL WARMING IN INDIA: SCIENCE, IMPACTS, AND POLITICS by Nagraj Adve Eklavya, 2022, 76 pp., 80.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Nagaraj Adve’s Global Warming in India is a brief and practical guide that enables the reader to engage with the discussions, debates and actions about the most pressing social and moral issue before our generation. It is written with a sense of hope and compassion for the ‘ordinary people’ that is largely missing in similar and popular books, which tend to focus more on the specialist and technocratic solutions handed over from above and to which most of us are expected to assent to and participate merely as a consumer or observer. The first chapter about the science of global warming is presented without unnecessary jargon and covers all the concepts required to clearly grasp the phenomenon. But where this book differs the most from other popular climate change books is in Chapter 2 where the author identifies the ‘systemic drivers’ of the crisis.

The root cause of climate change is capitalism’s DNA, argues Adve. A society which organizes its most important tasks and goals around the maximization of profits cannot address the needs of the ecosystems or its poor and working people. It produces more and more goods by degrading quality of work and the environment through cost cuttings in pollution prevention and casualizing jobs.

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