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WHEN I MET THE MAMA BEAR by Prerana Singh Bindra Talking Cub, Speaking Tiger Books, 2022, 80 pp., 250.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Have you ever wondered why we feel scared or become very excited when we hear about forests? Being born and brought up in metropolitan cities like Delhi, most of my understanding about forests comes from school books and they have usually portrayed forests as dangerous places.

However, forest is the home of Priya. Prerna Singh Bindra fascinatingly allows us to enter into the forest and learn about various things about animals and their behaviour. There are times when people romanticize life in the forest because we have seen it either in books or in cinema. The book provides us with real living experiences of the forest and how life can be without any social life. The author writes, ‘No TV. No traffic. No laughter of kids or the gossip of neighbours. Only the wind howled. Sometimes, bats would fly by and the hoot of an owl would rise above the silence. They seemed lonely. Like her (Priya).’

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