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Vineeta Bal
ANDEKHE HUMSAFAR: HUM AUR HAMARI ZINDAGI ME SOOKSHMAJEEV by Charudatta Navare Eklavya, 2021, 42 pp., 75.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Writing a non-fiction comic book for children on a rapidly developing area in science with many unknowns, is a major challenge. Charudatta Navare and Reshma Barve have done a remarkably good job of it. Andekhe Humsafar is a Hindi translation of the original A Germ of an Idea. While the author has used his biology background as a great strength, Barve’s contribution as an artist is equally important to convey the complex scientific concepts with the help of illustrations. Using fewer words and a lot of drawing is the necessity for this kind of a book, with both words and drawings having a significant contribution to the content. Kokil Chaudhary deserves a lot of credit for a smooth translation which does not read like a translation.

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