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Asha Sharma
HAPPY AS A HEN by Reena I Puri Pratham Books, 2022, 22 pp., 60.00
HARU by Manjari Chakravarti Pratham Books, 2022, 15 pp., 60.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Alien visit, suspense, adventure and some life lessons… a cracker of a book that will enthral any youngster!

The names of the characters in this beautifully illustrated, colourful book are as catchy as the story. Ma-Cluck and K-Chick are visiting Earth from their Galaxy ‘Scrambled’. They travel on spaceship ‘YOLK’ and are on a mission to check out first-hand that the Earth Hens are a happy lot. They meet Ra Ra Rooster who tells them about his own ordinary life and shows them around.

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