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Sandhya Gandhi-Vakil
BABIES IN MY HEART by Paro Anand. Translated by Shashi Sablok. Illustrated by Rajiv Eipe Jugnoo Prakashan, 2021, 24 pp., 120.00
ROO ROOby Paro Anand. Translated by Shashi Sablok. Illustrated by Rishi Sahany Developed by Ektara Jugnoo Prakashan, 2021, 170 pp., 32
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

Babies In My Heart is a simply-written story about the concept of family, and the types of families found in today’s world. The story begins by introducing the reader to a standard nuclear family with biological father, mother and their biological children—the archetypical Hum do hamare do; and then goes on to introduce families with twins, triplets and quadruplets. Then come same-sex families with two mothers or two fathers. Here, the concept of adoption is brought up by differentiating between tummy mummy and heart family. Then the concept of a single parent (actually a single woman) family is introduced. And lastly the idea of extended family with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, is brought in. The uniting thread of the variety of families is that babies are magical, a source of joy, love and laughter; they are a gift and good fortune.

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